Just 3 Easy Steps to Great Beer in NO TIME!

Drop the pill…wait…then chill!


The Big and Easy Bottle Brew is a totally new and different home brewing kit. It’s a revolutionary, easy way to make your own premium beer at home. It consists of pasteurized, unfermented beer packaged in 2 litre bottles and equipped with a unique pressure cap. All you have to do is add the innovative yeast capsule to each bottle to start the fermentation. Each 2 litre bottle is equivalent to a six-pack of micro-brewery quality beer.

The Big and Easy Bottle Brew is professionally created in a micro-brewery using only the best selected barley malt concentrate, imported hops and purified water.

  • Rivals any premium commercial beer in taste and quality
  • Perfect beer every time
  • No equipment or brewing knowledge required
  • No cleaning, mixing or transferring.
  • Fast and easy to do
  • Great savings over commercial beer

A word from the manufacturer:

The Big and Easy Bottle Brew makes it easy for you to make your own beer, because it is made up of conveniently bottled wort, produced from only the best ingredients available. The only thing left for you to do is add the yeast to start the fermenation process. In addition, our unique pressure cap allows your beer to ferment and carbonate perfectly and naturally right in the bottle. At the end of fermenation, the yeast settles firmly to the bottom. This is the traditional way of brewing beer, the way that it has been done for thousands of years, before modern filtration equipment was invented. We believe that The Big and Easy Bottle Brew creates a more natural, premium beer that has not been stripped of all its greatness and flavour. The final alcohol content of your beer is approximately 5% alc./vol.

Three Great Types

Premium Pilsner
Extraordinary european-style beer has a full-bodied flavour with pronounced but pleasant bitterness, deep amber in colour. Brewed with the finest imported German hops, including the world-famous Hallertau. You would have to travel to Europe to enjoy a beer this quality, this fresh!

Mexican Cerveza
Sunny skies, sandy golden beaches, the warm turquoise sea, and of course, cold refreshing Mexican beer, bring back great memories. Treat yourself and your friends to this smooth and easy, refreshing Cerveza!

This very popular Canadian beer lets you enjoy the dark richness of a British style ale, as well as the smoothness of a North American lager. Its’ caramel flavours deliver a slightly sweet aftertaste. Let the great taste speak for itself!

Easy to Follow Instructions

Makes beer with 5% alc./vol.
Prep Time: 10 Seconds – Ready in Approximately 2 Weeks!

  1. Let product adjust to room temperature. Unscrew and discard solid cap, drop yeast pill into bottle, and firmly screw on pressure cap (pressure cap includes relief valve).
    CAUTION: Never use solid cap, bottle will explode. Do not place any objects on top of bottle. Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  2. Store upright out of direct sunlight at room temperature (not below 19°C, 66°F) until beer becomes very clear (1 to 2 weeks depending on room temperature).
  3. Refrigerate upright for at least 12 hours. Pour carefully.CAUTION: Do not attempt to open bottle without chilling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the liquid in The Big & Easy Bottle Brew, and what does the yeast do?
A:The liquid is non-alcoholic, unfermented beer called “Brewer’s Wort.” The yeast converts the sugar in the wort into alcohol and carbon dioxide (CO2). Foam develops during fermentation, leaving a protein ring in the neck of the bottle. After fermentation, the yeast settles firmly to the bottom.

Q: Is Brewer’s Yeast healthy?
A: Brewer’s yeast is a rich natural source of B group vitamins and contains a range of amino acids, minerals and trace elements.

Q: What does the pressure cap do?
A: The pressure cap vents excess CO2 and carbonates the beer naturally.

Q: How do I best store the finished beer?
A: Best is to store the beer at room temperature up to 8 weeks, refrigerate for 12 hours before opening.

Q: Will my beer go flat if I don’t drink the whole bottle?
A: The yeast helps to keep the beer carbonated for a few days. The less beer remaining, the faster it will go flat. Keep remaining beer in the refrigerator.

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