NEW! Malbec
A fruit-forward, full-bodied, rich red wine with aromas and flavours of blackberry, blueberry and blue plum, accented by a touch of violet, spice and oak. A wine best enjoyed with beef, whether in a stew, marinated, saucy, wrapped in a rich empanada, or simply grilled. Region of Origin: Argentina

Barolo Style
Rich, full-bodied with inviting tannins, flavours of truffles, licorice and oaky earth. Very complex with deep structure and layers of oak. Region of Origin: Italy.

Cabernet Franc
Rich and balanced dry red with flavours of blackberries and raspberries. Finishes with medium tannins and integrated oak. Region of Origin: California.

Cabernet Merlot
Dark plump berries and vibrant black currant flavours mingle with chewy, plummy Merlot characteristics. Rich and balanced with a mild peppercorn finish. Region of Origin: Chile.

Cabernet Sauvignon
Inviting aromas of black cherry and black currant lead the way to rich flavours of vanilla, berry spice and smoky oak. A true classic. Region of Origin: Chile.

Cabernet Shiraz
Cabernet’s blackberry and plum flavours and bracing tannin structure intertwine with the sweet cherry fruit character of the Shiraz to produce a harmonious blend held together by complex soft oak. Region of Origin: California.

Chianti Style
Bold, rich and inviting cherry fruit aromas with flavours of cocoa, vanilla bean and ripe cranberries. Good tannins and subtle oak provide a soft, well-balanced red wine. Region of Origin: Italy.

Vieux Chateau du Roi™
Rich and complex, this dry red wine is reminiscent of the Old World with layers of oak, herbs, blackberry and licorice. Balanced and rewarding. Region of Origin: Chile.

Gamay Bergamais
Excellent early drinking wine. Inviting aromas of cherries with fruity red berry undertones and lively acidity. Region of Origin: California.

Grande Rouge™
A special blend exclusive to Wine Kitz. Fantastic aromas of pepper, blackberry and black currant surround a solid core of oak and vanilla. Smooth and rich. Region of Origin: Chile.

Mellow and inviting with well-balanced flavours of dark fruit and red berries. Look for flavours of mint, black cherry, cloves, black pepper and spice. Region of Origin: California.

Pinot Noir
A velvety smooth dry red wine with a silky texture. Wafting cinnamon laces with mixed field berries, soft spring flowers of violet, rose petals and inviting tannins. Region of Origin: New Zealand.

Robust peppery bouquet with flavours of cedar, bold blackberry and plum are surrounded by layers of warm oak. Full-bodied dry red wine with a nice finish. Region of Origin: California.

Valpolicella Style
A fragrant, fruity aroma with a soft silky texture lends itself to strawberry and plum flavours. The taste is well-balanced with fresh cherry, almond and dusty notes. Region of Origin: Italy.

Cabernet Sauvignon
A deep and dense dry red with characteristics of black currant, mint and plum aromas. The taste is rich and elegant with ripe tannins and interwoven vanilla oak. Region of Origin: Australia.

Cabernet Shiraz
Rich and dark in colour, this dry red has notes of cassis intermingled with beautiful plum and black fruit character. Subtle notes of spice and vanilla oak add to the long and balanced finish. Region of Origin: Australia.

This dry red wine’s bouquet displays subtle hints of dark berries, white pepper and spice. The palate is full and rich with notes of cocoa, blackberries, vanilla and finishes with soft, integrated tannins. Region of Origin: Australia.


Chardonnay Viognier
A wonderful marriage of Viognier’s floral and spice flavours and Chardonnay’s classic green apple/citrus character. Slightly off-dry. Region of Origin: California.

Exotic, spicy and exciting as grapefruit and mango flirt with scented roses and honeysuckle.
This white has a distinct, refreshing aroma with spicy and nutty flavours and a clean, balanced finish. Crisp and satisfying. Region of Origin: California.

Pinot Grigio
Pale straw-yellow in colour, this dry white wine is medium-bodied with scents of citrus fruits. Flavours of apple, lemon and tangy lime provide a nice acidity on the palate. The finish is crisp and refreshing. Region of Origin: Italy.

Reserve Chardonnay
Pleasantly rich and buttery, this dry white displays crisp green apple and Asian pear notes with delightful lemon flavours interlaced with toasty oak. Region of Origin: California.

Medium-dry with a refreshing bouquet of citrus and a hint of apple core. The taste is crisp and clean with mingling flavours of grapefruit, apple, honey flowers, peach and a subtle flinty mineral tone. Region of Origin: California.

Sauvignon Blanc
Pale yellow hue with flavours of pea pod, gooseberry, and lemon-grass aroma. Very dry and full-bodied with good acidity. Region of Origin: California.

This exciting grape variety is dominated by its heady perfume of honeysuckle and melon. Its crisp acidity makes for a refreshing full-bodied white wine experience. Region of Origin: California.

This slightly off-dry white wine has lifted aromas of lime, mango, roses and honeysuckle. The taste is crisp and spicy with lively acidity and a clean, balanced finish. Region of Origin: Australia.

Reserve Chardonnay
Rich and opulent, this full-bodied dry white has ripe flavours of peach, fig, green apple and pear interlaced with notes of toasty oak. Region of Origin: Australia.

Medium-dry white with a refreshing core of ripe pear, lime peel, citrus and grapefruit. The bouquet is clean and aromatic with notes of honey, apple and peach. Region of Origin: Australia.


White Zinfandel Blush
This blush wine made from red grapes is known for its refreshing light strawberry character. Balanced and easy on the palate with a hint of sweetness. Region of Origin: California.