Barolo Style
Very dry red wine with good fruit in the bouquet that leads to a complex finish of tannin and oak. Region of Origin: Italy.

Cabernet Merlot
A blend of two classic red grapes to produce a complex dry red with cherry, plum and mint flavours. Region of Origin: Chile.

Cabernet Sauvignon
Classic dry red with black currant and berry fruit undertone. Finishes with nice vanilla oak. Region of Origin: Chile.

Gamay Bergamais™
Light and quaffable fruity aroma with a very soft and mellow character with flavours of black currant and cherry. Serve slightly chilled. Region of Origin: California.

House Red
Our proprietary blend. Makes a nice, smooth dry red. Region of Origin: Chile.

Elegant, soft dry red with blackberry and currant flavours. Very mellow and inviting. Region of Origin: Chile.

Pinot Noir
Velvety, smooth dry red highlighted by subtle fragrances of raspberry and strawberry. Region of Origin: California.

Complex dry red with notes of blackberry, spice and vanilla. Region of Origin: California.

Valpolicella Style
Soft, very smooth dry red showing cherry and banana in the bouquet. Region of Origin: Italy.

Vieux Chateau du Roi™
Aggressive dry red with earthy tannins and spicy oak. Region of Origin: Chile.

Cabernet Sauvignon
Light bodied dry red with subtle cassis and ripe berry fruit. Region of Origin: Australia.

Light bodied dry red displaying nuances of blueberries, cassis and black fruits. Finishes with medium tannins. Region of Origin: Australia.

Light bodied dry red featuring subtle nuances of blackberry, pepper and vanilla oak. Region of Origin: Australia.


Fresh, crisp and clean, this is a nice all-purpose white wine. Nice flavours of melon and pineapple. Region of Origin: California.

Crisp, green apple flavours with a gentle, balanced finish. Region of Origin: California.

Fruity and spicy with a soft, crisp finish. Region of Origin: California.

House White
A nice simple dry white with flavours of melon and apricots. Region of Origin: California.

Liebfraumilch Style
A tribute to the Rhine region. Spicy hint of fruit with a gentle, fruity aroma. Region of Origin: California.

Piesporter Style
gentle, fruity and fresh white wine. Region of Origin: California.

Pinot Grigio
This light-bodied wine exudes apple pear and melon essences with lively acidity and a touch of spice on the finish. Region of Origin: California.

Fruity and floral white wine, a nice balance of residual sweetness and acidity. Region of Origin: California.

Sauvignon Blanc
Attractive notes of grass and herbs. Very clean and crisp. Region of Origin: California.

Light dry white displaying subtle notes of green apple, melon and vanilla oak. Region of Origin: Australia.

Light, off-dry crisp white, fruity and spicy in character. Region of Origin: Australia.

Light fruity white with a touch of residual sweetness. Region of Origin: Australia.

Crisp and balanced white featuring aromas of apricot and honey. Region of Origin: Australia.

This exciting, soft and dry light-bodied white wine has wonderful, clean, fresh flavours of honeysuckle, tropical and citrus fruits. Region of Origin: Australia.


White Merlot Blush
Delicate soft pink hue with a pleasant aroma of raspberries. Region of Origin: California.

White Zinfandel Blush
Citrusy and light in flavour with mellow blackberry and raspberry bouquet. Region of Origin: California.